All Information about our past Meeting

Parents Meeting 2019

We had a great meeting with every single Coach, explaining everything about this important meeting also putting some challenges and some goals to reach out !

New Bracelets


To help our kids and parents to engage even more with our program and off course our brand we have just created our High Soccer Academy Bracelet

This Product will be for FREE Until December 2019.

For 2020, we will incluide one per registration.

New Adidas Uniform

+ Brand + Value

New Uniform

Bringing a Brand makes us going to the next level, they really care about brand and they are willing to pay more for that.

Thinking on that we create 2 colors representing 2 different levels:

Gray = Recreational

Green= Developmental

Cost is around $45 ( Quantilty)

Price point for sale: $70

NET: $25

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