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Virtual Classes Schedule:

2 Classes Per week 

Every Tuesday @3pm - Youtube Recorded Class

 you should receive an email with your youtube link, this link is the exclusive access to our Virtual Classes.

Every Thursday @3pm LIVE Challenge + Youtube Recorded Class

 we have our LIVE Challenge on Instagram and ZOOM APP.

The Classes Link will also be sent Thursdays @3pm

This link is available on our schedule below and also will be sent by email every Thursday before 1pm.


After April 15th if you are interest on our online classes please send us by email your authorization of $30 month.


First Meeting

March 23rd


Thursday Class

April 2nd


Join Zoom Meeting


Thursday Class

April 29th 


Join Zoom Meeting


Thursday Class

April 16nd


Join Zoom Meeting



Over the past week, the concerns related to the Covid-19 outbreak have continued to increase. Unfortunately, the only proven method to effectively slow down the spread of a virus that has no vaccine is social distancing.


Our top priority is the health and safety of our team members. Thinking as team, we must also do our part and contribute to "flattening the curve." While the Covid-19 outbreak develops, we will continue adapting to bring SOCCER to your routine while keeping your child healthy and safe. 

Starting Tuesday, March 24th, we will be limiting our soccer practices to distance learning over the internet for the next weeks, or until evaluate what federal and local  officials are recommending or mandating before resume regular practices at our facility or at your School. 


Routine is key in times of stress and uncertainty and our goal is to keep offering to your child our soccer program to minimize stress and anxiety, increase their sense of self-confidence and most importantly have a fun and enjoyable experience.


We are super excited to bring the HIGH SOCCER virtual learning experience to you and your family. 

Lastly, we kindly ask you to not freeze or cancel your membership. Now, more than ever, we need your trust and support in our work. The situation is concerning, but it will pass. 

On behalf of myself, our staff, and every single member of this team, we ask for your continued support to help us weather this storm. Let’s stay sane and healthy - we’ll get through this together. 

Thank you 

Thiago Cucci


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